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BBC science Clips: Earth, Sun and Moon

An interactive activity for primary-aged children from the BBC.

Hubble Site

The official online home of NASAs Hubble Space Telescope, has spectacular pictures, news about Hubbles discoveries, telescope facts, astronomy education...


Current news items from NASA HQ. Updated daily, it gives details of current Space missions and related information.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory site is a showcase for its work and the NASA missions to which it has contributed. The site contains an excellent section on the planets with lots of images from NASA missions plus facts about the planets and their moons.

The Nine Planets

The most comprehensive site for information about the Solar System. Lots of data, pictures and background information about the planets, their moons and other heavenly bodies.
7 - 18

The Nine Planets - just for kids

This is a 'cut-down' version of Bill Arnots's Nine Planets Website aimed at younger children. It has less of the more technical information and simpler explanations.
7 - 18

Sea and Sky

An excellent site, all the work of one enthusiast who has collected together information, images and resources around the theme of Sea and Sky. The site is well organised and easy to navigate. The Sky section includes an extensive gallery of Space images, a Solar Sytem Tour and a tribute to the Challenger Crew.
all ages

Star Child

"A Learning Centre for young Astonomers" - contains a wealth of information, images and activities aimed at younger pupils. Topics covered include the Solar System, the Universe and Space exploration.

Views of the Solar System

Very well presented images and information about the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and etc. Also covers the history of space exploration, rocketry, early astronauts and space missions.
all ages